About Us

We believe design is the intersection where art informs – and transforms – experience. Design is powerful in the most subtle of ways. The amalgamation of image and type spark connections and emotions like no other medium.

Lindsay Gatz : Graphic DesignerLINDSAY GATZ : design addict

Having gotten my hands dirty with paint and letter blocks and ink and acetate in my undergrad years has given me an informed outlook on digital design.

My later school years included augmenting my German schooling with a Graphic Design-focused AA, and easily being the oldest kid in class at FIDM at the ripe old age of 27, where I focused on merchandising and brand marketing. My professional experience spans from print design, to advertising, to interior design, to branding to web and UX, with some inside experience in the fashion industry as well.

My aesthetic tends to be drawn to clean lines and mid-century modern design, be it art, furniture, architecture, fashion, I love all of it! This translates into every facet of my design work.


Sam Schlotman : Code NinjaSAM SCHLOTMAN : CODE NINJA

Developed in 1992 as Catherine Samantha Schlotman.

With the initials C.S.S. I should have known the world wide web was in my future! Featuring a love for everything web, a passion to push my skills further, a dry sense of humor, and 2 scruffy dogs Rockstar and Pickles.

Northwest College of Art & Design | 2014
BFA in Visual Communication
Double Majored in Graphic Design & Photography